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JAZZMYN RED is a passionate artist from Massachusetts who blends her lyricism, tack sharp bars, soulful singing and songwriting talents to create a unique and powerful sound. Jazzmyn has an affinity for bold storytelling about our communities, families, relationships, and society as a whole based on her own experiences. She combines storytelling and genre blending instrumentation to create a sound and experience all her own. Jazzmyn’s overall musical message is emotionally powerful and thought provoking. She is a 3 time Boston Music Award Nominee, New England Music Award Winner and an educator in Massachusetts. Her work has been featured on NPR, NBC10 as well as in the Boston Herald and The Boston Globe.  

Jazzmyn has an affinity for boldly sharing stories of truth about our communities, families, relationships, and society as a whole. Often, these reflect her own personal struggles and tragedies, which she has fought to transform into triumphs. Growing up, she moved with her mother a total of 15 times in just 25 years between small urban centers in Massachusetts and New York. During that time, she both witnessed, and had personal experiences with racism, substance abuse, and domestic violence.

Jazzmyn also comes from a home where her father “earned his degrees from the streets,” while her mother did so from universities. That combination helped shape her unique perspective on life, because she says “both sides of the tracks sharpened my mental.”

They also helped spur the creative force living inside her at a young age. She began writing and rapping at 7 years old, and three years later started singing. However, her affinity for rhyming is credited to her father, a local emcee who as Jazzmyn recalls was constantly flowing and beat boxing. Eventually, her passions led to professional training at Bristol Studios in Boston, where she further refined her genre-blending approach to music.

Jazzmyn RED currently serves as an Ambassador of Hip Hop and Cultural Exchange to the U.S. State Department’s Next Level Program. She was stationed overseas in the United Arab Emirates teaching her Hip Hop workshops  at Berklee School of Music in Abu Dhabi and her team performed Expo Dubai 2020. Jazzmyn RED has gone on to mentor globally including MC’s from Mongolia, Ghana, Barbados, Poland, Portugal and Ecuador. Jazzmyn RED has graced over 200 stages both nationally and internationally and has been featured in The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, NPR, and NBC. She is also the creator and owner of The Hip Hop Experience, an interactive 3-part workshop series that explores Black music’s relationship to social justice movements throughout history with a direct lens on Hip Hop as a child of the Civil Rights Movement and an engine to revolution and cultural wellness. She continues to educate through her classes as well as through her music.

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