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The Hip Hop Experience


"Incredible history of social justice through Black music and social justice movements."
"Beautifully led celebration of music and deeply meaningful exploration into Black music history"
"Incredibly thought provoking & Inspiring"
On the Turntable

Music of the Movement

90-120 minutes

An interactive deep dive into the history of Black music and its connection to social justice movements and moments throughout history. We will examine music from the Civil Rights movement, the 80's and 90's as well as the current artists that create the soundtracks to our lives

The Roots

90-120 minutes

Explore the origins of Hip Hop by reflecting on early story tellers and how that evolved into the elements of Hip Hop culture we see today. This workshop will discuss storytelling, sampling, the socio-econimic conditions of the birth place of hip hop, and its evolution into the culture we live today

Cassette Tapes
Tube Microphone in Studio
Tube Microphone in Studio

The Art of 16 Bars

90-120 minutes

This workshop highlights the elements of Hip Hop and takes a closer look at the art of being an MC. We will discuss MC writing techniques, instrumental visualization, find our flow, and write our own 16s to perform for the group

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